Project Management / Project Monitoring

We ensure that your projects are built with the agreed quality, cost and timescale. We emphasise risk management and value engineering processes, and we make proactive recommendations for solutions which are always in line with the project's overall objectives.

Project Management

We are leaders capable of managing human and material resources throughout the whole project life cycle. We achieve objectives of scope, cost, timescale and quality, as well as achieving the satisfaction of the participants and interested parties involved in the project.

In general, our Project Management services include:
:: Coordination and control of the design process.
:: Cost control.
:: Planning of schedules and milestones.
:: Management of contracts.
:: Advice in contracting consultants.
:: Construction management.
:: Project closure.

Project Monitoring

We monitor and control the risks inherent in the project and we supervise the costs generated in it. We regularly update the Client on the progress of the work timetable, control the budget and quality by means of visits and need to have the decisive capacity to proactively make recommendations to and advise the Client on the most appropriate solutions which mitigate risk. We supervise the project management and execution from outside, providing the Client with a professional service.


We offer:

Project management

Through the use of a series of methodologies for planning, implementation and control of the project, this basic tools of economic management are added.

Risk management

Early identification of risks associated with the project can make decisions and control costs.

Value engineering

In order to reduce costs and improve the quality and performance requirements.