Real Estate Asset Management and Project Management

The best service to ensure the successful purchase and transformation of real estate assets.

What do we offer?

Project Management & Cost Management

Quality, cost and schedule control. Special emphasis on risk management and value engineering processes. Proposal of solutions that increase the value of the assets, aligned with the global objectives of the project. +info

Technical Consulting

Accompany you in the process of purchasing and transforming assets to ensure the best investment from a technical point of view, anticipating risks and specialists in mitigating them with insurance. Comprehensive cost estimates and their impact from a sustainability perspective.+info

Asset Management

We manage the entire life cycle of the projects in our portfolio, guaranteeing the extraction of value from the assets. We place special emphasis on risk management and value opportunities, recommending solutions that are always aligned with your company’s global objectives. +info

ESG & Sustainability

Sustainability makes a difference in the world we live in. It is not about theory, but about MEASURING and EXECUTING the actions we propose. +info

To whom we address?

At VMT we advise companies, investment funds and SOCIMIs, REITs, SCPIs, ETFs (Listed Funds), guaranteeing them control and security over all the risks associated with the purchase and transformation processes of their real estate assets, whether land or real estate.


With our extensive experience in Project Management, we guarantee the maximization of the profitability of your real estate operations by employing advanced technology, promoting sustainability and reducing risks. Our multidisciplinary approach, combined with transparent communication, ensures exceptional value in every project, making us your reliable long-term partner.

Investment Funds

We are here to ensure that every decision you make is informed and geared towards maximising the return on your investment. Every project is unique.

Our technical team dives deep into evaluating every detail to identify opportunities and risks, ensuring that each real estate transaction has the maximum potential for profitability.

REITs, SOCIMIS, SCPIs, ETFs (Listed Funds)

We specialise in detailed reporting under French SCPI, REITs, ETFs and SOCIMI regulations. Our expertise in ESG work spans Spain, France, the UK and the US, ensuring strict adherence to regulations and minimising associated risks. We position ourselves as your essential partner to ensure the profitability and regulatory integrity of your operations.

Why choose us?

  • VMT & Associates are experts in the management of real estate investment projects of all types and sizes.
  • We are a boutique consultancy with a personalised service oriented towards the success of the client’s investment.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience and proven success with national and international clients, such as: EQT Exeter, Catella, Patrizia, Serris Reim and Iroko.
  • VMT’s core business is exclusively real estate consultancy. We do not do anything else.
  • We work in close contact with our clients to detect and analyse their needs.
  • Throughout the life cycle of the property, we manage costs and risks to guarantee maximum profitability for the owner.

Success stories

Home 24



184.000m2 Valencia, ES

Technical Audit of the building, bi-monthly monitoring

#Commercial & Retail
Home 25



3.000m2 Madrid, ES

TDD and Project Monitoring

#Hotels & Residential
Home 26



38.000m2 Madrid, ES

Vendor Technical Due Diligence

#Commercial & Retail
Home 27



44.000m2 Barcelona, ES

Land TDD

#Logistics & Industrial
Home 28



2.400m2 Bilbao, ES

Technical due diligence (TDD) prior to asset procurement

#Logistics & Industrial
Home 29



8.000m2 Malaga, ES

Technical due diligence (TDD) prior to asset procurement

#Logistics & Industrial
Home 30



13.800m2 Madrid, ES


#Hotels & Residential
Home 31



800m2 Madrid, ES

Technical due diligence (TDD) prior to asset procurement

#Commercial & Retail

Real Estate asset consultancy

Make sure your consultancy…

  1. Have the most competent and professional team
  2. Have sufficient experience, backed by years of activity full of verifiable successes.
  3. Is agile in its management and communications.
  4. Is flexible and adapts to the needs and characteristics of each project.
  5. Are experts in the Spanish real estate market.
  6. Has proven to be an excellent partner in all processes.
  7. Costs associated with their services are as competitive as possible.
  8. Finally, ensure they have your complete confidence.

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