Energy Audits, ESG Consulting, Analysis & Implementation

Sustainability makes a difference in the world we live in today. It is not a question of staying with theory, but of being able to put it into practice and MEASURE how we are contributing to a better world.

The key idea is to contribute to solutions, playing an active and meaningful role that generates positive effects on the planet and on disadvantaged groups.

The overriding concept is that not only can we achieve a good return on investment, but we can also find sustainable investment opportunities that are both beneficial to employees and society as a whole.


ESG analysis

The first step is to know where your fund stands today in relation to global ESG standards and what needs to be done to comply with the regulations that apply or will soon and gradually start to apply.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

At this point a calculation is made of the Carbon emissions of the complete Life Cycle of a building, from the manufacture of the materials, their transport, their construction, their operation, to their demolition. As of 2023, the measurement of the carbon footprint through the Life Cycle Assessment processes becomes mandatory.

Zero CO2

This is a certification that indicates that the building is DECARBONIZED.


We technically analyse assets to improve their energy efficiency. We can also manage as a turnkey certification for the project, guiding your team of professionals in the certification aspects at a lower cost for the certification (LEED /BREEAM) of the project.
‘Green building’ sustainability consultancy

We study energy efficiency measures and best technologies for retrofitting existing buildings and creating new eco-efficient buildings. We bring our analytical knowledge and experience to develop proposals for buildings to consume less, produce more and interact better with the environment. Our experience provides us with a wide range of energy efficiency strategies to achieve more sustainable buildings.

LEED Certifications

Advisement on LEED certification, (Leader in Energy Efficiency and Design) the most widespread certification in the world. LEED is a voluntary certification method for Green Buildings, which evaluates buildings based on categories; site implementation, efficiency in the use of water, materials and resources, energy and atmospheric emissions and indoor environment quality.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology)

Another of the most internationally recognised methods of environmental assessment and certification of buildings.

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