Within the real estate sector in Spain, it is crucial to understand the urban planning and construction licenses required for any project. It is also important to be aware of local and national regulations on zoning, land use and environmental requirements. Ensuring that all relevant authorizations are obtained can avoid legal problems and delays in property development.

1. Building Permit: Necessary to carry out any type of construction or remodeling on a property. This includes obtaining permits for major or minor works.
2. Activity License: Required for commercial establishments and businesses operating on a property. It ensures that the activity to be developed complies with local and safety regulations.
3. Energy Certificate: Required when selling or renting a property. Shows the energy efficiency of the property.
4. General Urban Development Plan (PGOU): Defines land use and building restrictions in a given area.
5. First Occupancy License (Licencia de Primera Ocupación or LPO): Necessary to inhabit a new home. It ensures that the construction complies with habitability and safety requirements.

These are only examples, and regulations may vary according to the autonomous community and the type of property. It is essential to consult with legal experts and know the local regulations before investing in real estate in Spain.

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