Our Story

We are an independent firm that advises companies investment funds, SOCIMIs (Real Estate Investment societies in Spain) and SCPIs (French Real Estate Funds), guaranteeing control and safety over all associated risks for procurement processes and real estate asset transformation. Our clients include Exeter Property Group (now EQT Exeter), Santa Lucía, or Patrizia.

We have international partnerships with John Rowan and Partners (UK) Thedevitreb (France).

Founded in 2012, since then we have travelled a long road full of successes and challenges, working together every day to achieve more. Today, with over 100 clients in our portfolio and 40 employees and/or collaborators, we look to the future with all the enthusiasm and encouragement to continue on this path, which is demanding yet satisfying at the same time. So much so, that it will surely allow us to continue growing.

Our Professional Team

We are an ecosystem of talent formed by professional consultants of all sorts, including employees, self-employed entrepreneurs, associates, clients, and suppliers.

Our common values are what keep us together and our business model centred on increasing assets value for our clients, with the best team possible.Our clients value VMTs agility, flexibility and excellence.

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Verónica Martín

Founder & CEO

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Mariana Mosso

Technical Director

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Ángel Turel

Director of Development

About us 3
Hector Yuste

Director Barcelona

About us 4
Jose Luis Soler

Director Valencia

About us 5
Juan Cruz Piola

Responsible for Systems & Admin

About us 6
Carmen Esteban

Senior Cost Manager

About us 7
Felix Gonzalo

Industrial Engineer.

About us 8
Rodrigo Martín

Business Development

About us 9
Sergio Rivero

BIM Manager

About us 10
Guillaume Sainpy

Investments Advisor

About us 11
David García

Expert in Energy and Decarbonization

About us 12
Mercedes Diez

Expert in Urbanism & Architecture

About us 13
Borja Collado

Licensing Expert

About us 14
Elena González

Installation expert

About us 15
Rubén Collado

Robotics & automatization consultant

Collaborators by region

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T. Cobreros


Basque Country

About us 17
O. Villar


Northern Region

About us 18
A. Martínez



About us 19
R. Martínez



About us 20
About us 21
M. Rowen

Q. Surveyor

Valencian Community

About us 22
M. Mayo



About us 23
A. Vargas



About us 24
A. Rodriguez


Canary Islands

Strategic Partners

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