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We know that as investors or fund managers, one of your main concerns is to identify all associated risks in the early stages of a project development. Mitigating these risks efficiently allows for greater cost control, guaranteeing those initial projections for land or asset acquisition are not increased.


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Project Managementand Cost Control

We manage human and material resources, throughout the project lifecycle. We achieve key objectives of scope, costs, time, and quality, along with satisfaction of all participants and stakeholders in the project.Usually our project management services include:

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  • ZCoordination and control throughout the design process
  • ZPlanning and program management
  • ZManagement of legal contracts and general construction contracts
  • ZCost control
  • ZProject & Cost Management
  • ZProject deactivation

Technical Consulting

Consulting is, in essence, flexibility, the consultant must be able to adapt to the specific needs of each asset. There are no two identical solutions, the services we provide are adapted to comprehensively managing assets:

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  • ZAsset optimisation analysis
  • ZCost Management
  • ZTechnical Due Diligence
  • ZEnvironmental Due Diligence

ESG y Sustainability

Asset management objective it is to maximize an asset’s value throughout its lifecycle.

It encompasses the design process, construction, operations, maintenance, and asset replacement.

We advise our clients, both national and international, in this process with our own resources or those of our strategic partners.

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