Asset Management

We manage the entire life cycle of the assets in our portfolio, guaranteeing the extraction of value from the assets. We place special emphasis on risk management and value-add opportunities, recommending solutions that are always aligned with the overall objectives of your company.

We offer

Effective management

With a series of methodologies for planning, execution and control of the asset life cycle.

Anticipation when identifying risks

Early identification of the risks associated with the asset allows decisions to be made to control them.

Urban planning

Compliance with urban planning regulations to reduce costs and improve the quality of the project.

Green fields / Brown fields

Use of land free of construction (Green fields) and those with existing buildings (Brown fields).

Experts in ESG Consulting, Analysis and Implementation

Experts in the implementation of ESG through a network of contacts all over Spain.

How do we manage assets?

We manage human and material resources, throughout the project lifecycle. We achieve scope, cost, schedule and quality objectives, as well as the satisfaction of project participants and stakeholders.
  • ZControl of maintenance costs
  • ZMore efficient financial planning
  • ZESG and sustainability objectives
  • ZIncreased asset productivity
  • ZCompliance with existing and future regulations
  • ZRisk management
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