Insurance Coverage

We are experts in purchase audits and insurance experts, with years of experience controlling different types of risk. We offer 360º risk management, transferring certain risks to the insurance market. We develop a RMP: Risk Management Plan to offer a comprehensive solution combining the best of all sectors.

We offer

Technical Due Diligence, Environmental Due Diligence and ESG audits

Through Techical Due Diligences, Environmental Due Diligences and ESG audits, we identify the risks, realize an analysis and evaluation of these risks to offer an initial reduction.

Comprehensive 360º Risk Management

A comprehensive 360º risk management and vision of risks in real estate operations.

Improvement and transformation of risks

Execution of improvements and resilient transformation of risks.

Advisement on risk transfer

By means of specialized advice, risks that cannot be assumed are transferred to the insurance market or the sale and purchase process is expedited.

How do we manage risks?

We apply our knowledge of the insurance market to transfer certain risks detected in audits to insurance companies.
  • ZTechnical audits
  • ZRMP: Risk Management Plan
  • ZComprehensive 360º vision of risks
  • ZAdvisement on Insurance coverage
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