Real Estate Project Management and Cost Control

We guarantee that projects are executed with the specified quality, and within costs and timeframe accorded with the client. We place special emphasis in risk management and value engineering process, always recommending and providing solutions aligned with the project’s primary objectives.

What sets us apart?

Effective management

with a series of planning methodologies, execution and project control, along with cost control.

Anticipation when identifying risks

Identifying project risks at an early stage will allow for a better decision-making process, ultimately resulting in more precise cost control and overall risk management.

Value Engineering

with the objective of reducing costs and improving overall quality.

How do we manage projects?

We manage human and material resources, throughout the project lifecycle. We achieve scope, cost, schedule and quality objectives, as well as the satisfaction of project participants and stakeholders.
  • ZCoordination and control throughout the design process
  • ZPlanning and program management
  • ZManagement of legal contracts and general construction contracts
  • ZCost control
  • Z Project & Cost Management
  • ZProject deactivation

Project Monitoring

We identify and control a project’s inherent risks, whether they be financial or technical. We inform our client periodically on calendar progress, cost control, quality control among others, with site visits and reports.

Our experience provides us with the necessary tools to recommend to our clients the best possible solutions to mitigate risks. We supervise the project execution from an unbiased and external point of view, providing our client a professional service they can rely on.

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