Consulting and Technical Auditing

Consulting is, in essence, flexibility; in other words, the consultant must be able to adapt to the specific needs of each asset. There are no two identical solutions, the services we provide are customised for comprehensive asset management.

We offer

Technical Due Diligence with international standards

We have ample experience performing audits that are compliant with RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) standards for investment funds, financial institutions and investors.

Efficient Cost Control / Intelligent CapEx control of projects, mainly in ESG projects

Risk Anticipation of potential cost increases, along with cost monitoring during construction phases by means of procedures and cost management tools. In ESG and sustainable projects or investments, we emphasize a detailed and intelligent analysis of the associated Capital Expenditures.

Environmental Consultancy

International environmental certifications such as LEED and BREEAM

Phases of Consulting & Technical Audits

We provide our clients with a comprehensive service, in which the consultant, who is specialized and with experience in the field, adapts to the clients and assets needs.

Asset optimization analysis

We have a commercial, financial, and technical outlook of all the elements that can improve or add value to an asset. We place special emphasis on design improvement and operational cost optimization.

Cost Management

We control project costs and supervise expenses throughout the project’s life cycle, so that they are within the bounds established by our client. 

Technical Due Diligence

Our multidisciplinary team counts with experience in construction and operations, they analyse real-estate assets from a technical perspective and advise on potential risks before acquisition.

Audits include a technical analysis of each project, allowing it to be validated from a functional point of view, compliance with all local regulations, costing adaptations and verifying the asset’s compliance with previously agreed upon specifications.

Our Team has the necessary experience to guarantee the success of the real estate operations of our clients.

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